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In the past, the industry standard for scheduling screw compressor overhauls was based on the operating hours a compressor had accumulated. With advances in vibration technology specifically designed for screw compressors in refrigeration applications, that industry standard is no longer the most cost effective way to maintain the integrity of your screw compressor. Periodic monitoring of your screw compressor and motor with vibration analysis requires no down time and allows you to predict the condition of the bearings. As the bearings begin to develop defects, a compressor overhaul can be scheduled based on the actual condition of the bearings, not the operating hours. This is a low cost advantage that will extend the life of the compressor without compromising its reliability.


APCCO has the expertise, resources, and facilities to provide you with a competitive screw compressor, rotary vane and reciprocating compressor rebuild with minimum turn around time. With our on-site machine shop, APCCO is equipped to complete the entire rebuild in-house, allowing us to work within specific time frames and handle emergency situations. APCCO utilizes OEM parts and all compressor rebuilds are completed by factory certified and supported technicians. APCCO provides all of our technicians with the best technologic and training in the industry.

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