Compliance and Training


APCCO offers a full range of services, ranging from OSHA’s process safety management (PSM/ RMP) regulations compliance and the California Accidental Release Prevention (CalARP) program to subscription software for PSM implementation and management.

Our compliance services include:

  • PHA – Process Hazard Analysis
  • RMP registrations and submissions
  • 3-year Compliance audit (required  by PSM, RMP and CalARP)
  • 5-year RAGAGEP inspections (required by PSM, RMP and CalARP)
  • 5-year MI – Mechanical integrity inspection and testing (required by PSM, RMP and CalARP)
  • Annual IIAR safety inspections and safety testing
  • Ultrasonic pipe & pressure vessel testing – NDT
  • Update PSI – Process Safety Information
  • MOC – Management of Change and PSSR – Pre-Start Safety Review
  • PSM management software subscriptions available
  • Development of standard operating procedures
  • Develop maintenance procedures
  • Energy Balance (load) and ammonia charge calculations
  • Pressure relief system calculations and design 
  • Engine room ventilation system calculations
  • Pipe labeling & valve tagging
  • P & ID update

Customer Training

APCCO offers onsite training to our customers in a variety of areas to help their employees better understand, safely operate, and troubleshoot their refrigeration systems.


  • RETA CARO, CIRO & CRST Review Courses: Our RETA Review Courses provide highly engaging, quality content.  These classroom style courses are designed to prepare qualified attendees to take and pass the RETA CARO, CIRO and CRST certification exams.  RETA Courses also offered on-site / system specific upon request.
  • Basic Refrigeration & SOP Training: Our basic refrigeration course is customized to your facility and the specific equipment in your system. A combination of classroom and hands-on training in the plant make for an insightful and valuable experience for all who participate.
  • HAZWOPER Training: We offer 24-hour initial, and 8-hour annual refresher HAZWOPER training courses customized to your facility and your emergency action plan.
  • APCCO / ASTI: 24 Hour Ammonia Responder course is a unique class that combines a stimulating classroom experience with hands-on training scenarios, including live ammonia drills.  Incident commander, safety officer and 8-hour refreshers also available.  Trainings utilizes internationally recognized ASTI content and materials.
  • ASTI One Plan set up and training: Operational Plan / 30-Minute Plan.  There are four color-coded phases of emergency response:  Blue-Discovery, Green-Initial Response, Red – Sustained Response and Orange – Termination. Let us assist you in developing, training and utilize your plants ASTI One Plan. 
  • Ammonia Safety Training: Ammonia safety and awareness courses are offered for all levels. The basic ammonia safety course is eight hours, but we also offer a condensed four-hour refresher course.
  • RMP / PSM / CalARP Training: Ensure that your employees understand your RMP / PSM / CalARP program regulatory requirements and are prepared for an audit.
  • Hazardous Waste Generator: Hazardous Waste Generator for ammonia refrigeration facilities (small quantity and large quantity generators.
  • OSHA 30-hour: OSHA 30-hour General Industry Safety Order training.
  • *Courses are also offered in Spanish.