Compliance and Training


APCCO offers a full range of services, ranging from OSHA’s process safety management (PSM/ RMP) regulations compliance and the California Accidental Release Prevention (CalARP) program to subscription software for PSM implementation and management.

Our compliance services include:

  • PHA – Process Hazard Analysis
  • RMP registrations and submissions
  • 3-year Compliance audit (required  by PSM, RMP and CalARP)
  • 5-year RAGAGEP inspections (required by PSM, RMP and CalARP)
  • 5-year MI – Mechanical integrity inspection and testing (required by PSM, RMP and CalARP)
  • Annual IIAR safety inspections and safety testing
  • Ultrasonic pipe & pressure vessel testing – NDT
  • Update PSI – Process Safety Information
  • MOC – Management of Change and PSSR – Pre-Start Safety Review
  • PSM management software subscriptions available
  • Development of standard operating procedures
  • Develop maintenance procedures
  • Energy Balance (load) and ammonia charge calculations
  • Pressure relief valve calculations
  • Pressure relief system calculations and design 
  • Engine room ventilation system calculations
  • Pipe labeling & valve tagging
  • P & ID updates

Customer Training

APCCO offers onsite training to our customers in a variety of areas to help their employees better understand, safely operate and troubleshoot their refrigeration systems.

  • Ammonia Safety Training: Ammonia safety and awareness courses are offered for all levels. The basic ammonia safety course is eight hours, but we also offer a condensed four-hour refresher course.
  • Basic Refrigeration & SOP Training: Our basic refrigeration course is customized to your facility and the specific equipment in your system. A combination of classroom and hands-on training in the plant make for an insightful and valuable experience for all who participate
  • RETA CARO, CIRO & CST Review Courses: Our Review Courses are a classroom style course designed to prepare qualified attendees to take and pass the RETA certification exams. 
  • HAZWOPER Training:  We offer 24-hour HAZWOPER training and 8-hour annual refresher training courses customized to your facility and your emergency action plan. 
  • CalARP Training:  Ensure that your employees understand your RMP / PSM / CalARP program regulatory requirements and are prepared for an audit. 
  • Courses are also offered in Spanish