Design Build

As a full-service refrigeration contractor, APCCO provides our clients with the option of a design-build approach.

Our design and construction teams take your vision and turn it into reality. We meticulously develop an initial concept and budget, then carefully control our design and construction efforts to fit within those guidelines. APCCO works hard at being cost conscious without jeopardizing the quality and key objectives of the project. We use our resources wisely and focus on attention to detail, allowing us to complete construction on time and on budget.

APCCO’s prefabrication facilities provide quality, ensure cost efficiency and on-time performance, and lead to a superior installed product that exceeds all of our customers’ expectations.

Our design team includes engineers, drafters and project managers who work hand in hand with the prefabrication shop to ensure that product is made right the first time, every time, and that specifications and quality are strictly adhered to.

Key Benefits of the APCCO process:

  • Coordination and collaboration of all departments in one facility
  • ​Modern equipment providing high throughput with elevated controlled work environment
  • Quality inspection stations at various stages of production critical tolerances
  • Fast, predictable turnaround time
  • Cost benefits to the customer in a superior product